Friday, February 20, 2009

Long week with travels to and from Vegas.
A week in Vegas is a time warp.  The early mornings and late nights send your body into auto-pilot.

Last night on the flight home - which was delayed 4 hours - we had a medical event where a man was having the shakes/sweats and possible heart issues.

He was brought up front into our row where they kept him on oxygen and monitored for the trip.  The doctor who happened to be on the flight is here in my seat.  After about 45 mins she felt he was stable and I sat down.  Marty (heart attack in November - 2 stints put in and suffers a bit with Parkinson's) was a bit shaky and was in Vegas for a gambling week at the Wynn.  He told us the story of how after winning $12,000 playing poker - he sat to play the slots and 30 mins later security came over to him to tell him that the woman  who was trying to "hit" on him took his winnings from his pocket!!  Security tracked her on camera but did not catch her before she left.  So he is waiting to hear the news since they told him the penalty for prostitution is like probation for 6 months - but for the theft 10-20 years.  Vegas has their priorities straight!

Neal played a good wet nurse and Marty told Neal he will see good things from his kindness in helping out on our flight.

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