Friday, May 28, 2010

This week my wanderings around NYC opened my eyes to many different scenes.

There was the sign of the times with gold hitting near record highs and a barber shop branching out to take advantage of desperate souls needing a buck while getting a trim.  I'll trade ya for that necklace!

There was the hasidic man crossing the street with his minimal garb compared to a young woman schlepping two fancy bags full of her daily gear.

Then I saw a man sleeping on a BP sidewalk in Soho while the world passed him by.  The added touch that caught my eye was the AIR and the billboard in the background saying Watch. Listen. Be blown away.  We can all be thankful we're not calling that sidewalk home.

Lastly was my bus ride home.  There's just something nice about a late night bus ride through NYC.

Have a great weekend.

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