Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekly Email - 10-14-11 Wedding Perspectives

This week I was at a really fun wedding and was able to capture some neat shots. 
There are of course hundreds from the event and I wanted to share a few to illustrate the use of a fish-eye lens.

Some of photography is being there and some is preparation.  When I thought about the subject and location I knew there was a good wide angle opportunity since we would be crossing through Times Square.  A place with all its color and activity screams to be captured.

The first shot is an overview of the church and the other is of the air force guys at the wedding with their swords drawn.  Certainly not something you run into everyday in Times Square. 
I decided to throw one of the sword images into some software manipulation, and you can decide if you like the tweaked version of them which is as vibrant as the overall scene.

The fish-eye swords shot was made at ISO 500 - F/5.0 @ 1/160th with -2/3 exp comp
The fish-eye church shot was made at ISO 800 - F/4.0 @ 1/30th


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