Saturday, May 05, 2012

Weekly Email - Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 5-5-12

When I last saw the Red Hot Chilli Peppers it was the summer of '99 and as the sun went down the flames went up.  They were the last band to perform before things erupted there.  I wrote a little about this in a blog post way back in Aug 2010 showing the before and after at Woodstock 1999 -
So this week I was back seeing the Chilli's who have been performing for over 25 years now.  They are really great and put on a fun show for the audience with a lot of energy.
One of the critical items for a great show is the lighting, and I decided to take a look at the diversity of these neat light panels.  In the first shot you'll see them as the octagon above the stage - then you'll see them change form as the expand and move around the stage.

These are images are mostly with the 5D III but a few are with the X-Pro1.  I used the 35mm 1.4 on the X and the 15mm and 70-200 on the 5DIII.

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Scott working the lighting since 1999

Grab shot with the X-Pro1 and 35mm lens

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