Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekly Email - Two Views of a Scene - Washington Square Park

This week I happened along a couple who were lost in the moment and I wanted to see what kind of images I could make since I thought the composition worked.

So after about 10 shots I walked away with a few I loved.  There are two very different shots attached and perhaps one of them speak to your tastes.

What was also fun about the moment is that I walked on and shot in other places in the park and then started to wander back home about a half hour later.  When I walked past the fountain the same couple was up and in front of the fountain and stopped me to take a photo of them.  After I did - I said I think I have a photo of you two you might like - they said - no I doubt it we just got here - I said well I recognize her bright red nails - so i scrolled back some images and she shrieked Oh my Gosh I love that!  Emails were exchanged and now we all share the shot!

Fujifilm X-A1 and XF23mm lens - ISO 200 @ 1/220th at F/5.6

Some other shots with the new Fujifilm X-A1 camera.

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