Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Travel to Key West Florida

A quick trip to Key West lead to some colorful shots and nice days of sunshine and pleasant temps.  The island is a neat place and there are plenty of characters who make the stay quite enjoyable.
We stayed at 0 Duval Street with a view of the water and sunset, which made for some relaxing evenings.  The images here are jpegs  I shot with the Fujifilm X-T1 and a few different lenses.  I really like traveling with the prime XF lenses - XF14, XF23 and XF56.  I also brought the XF55-200.  Always a tough decision on what to carry and what to leave home.  Vacations need not be a burden with too much gear.  Next trip I will bring the new XF16-55 2.8 and go without the 23 and 56 which will be an adjustment.

 Having a girlfriend who isn't camera shy is always a plus!

 Walk this way....

The chickens and roosters are all over the place!!!

 This unretouched image shows what looks like a dust spot in the center right - but that is a seagull.


 This was a great opportunity before landing at LGA.

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