Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spring Walk on the High Line

What to do on a nice Sunday afternoon?  Grab a camera and a couple lenses and plan a walk around the city.
I decided to begin my journey up at 34th & 8th Ave and work back south. For those of you not from the area this is at Madison Square Garden, Penn Station and the Post Office Hub, which can be seen in the first photo under massive construction.
The walk to the High Line entrance at the northern end is really one of the ugliest areas of Manhattan.  Whether you come across 34th St from say Macy's or if you join the park at the end of section 2 which is 30th St as opposed to by the Davits at the end of section 3, either offer up a city in transition and a very ugly landscape.
You ascend the steps to the High Line and most of the ugliness slips away.  The park is in mid growth now with the landscape growing and not yet in full summer bloom.
The High Line just keeps growing and growing in popularity, and the building around it is also on a serious tear!

 The view looking north from the split of sections 2 and 3.  Soon to be blocked by more construction and housing.

 The view looking east from about 28th St where once there was a parking lot full of activity for the High Line - now becomes more luxury housing.  They used to have a beer garden here - artwork and a food court.

 Walking south a few blocks and looking back north you can see growth everywhere.

 Finally time to catch a bit of nature and ignore the construction.
I've done many walks in the park so here is one of the links from my last post.

And here is a post I did when the 3rd section was just opening up -

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