Saturday, June 06, 2015

Ireland Travels Part 2

We continued our tour of Ireland by heading west to the Cliffs of Moher.  An area of the island where these dramatic cliffs rise 700ft above the Atlantic.  Due to the schedule we had one day to check them out and the Irish weather wasn't cooperating.  A thick fog bank rolled in and I basically got three images and then they were gone.

One of my last shots before we lost view of the cliffs.

The walkway along the cliffs is a muddy walkway along a cow pasture which is protected by many large rocks serving as protection from the edge.

The multimillion dollar tourist center is built into the ground and these are some of the shops.
The rain came in and the cliffs were gone!

The next city stop was Gallway.  A great city with cozy streets and a lively nightlife.  Classic european look to the area.  Pubs are everywhere.

The House Hotel was a great place to stay and I definitely recommend it if you are heading there.

As I mentioned in part one - the roads were awesome to drive on.  Winding colorful areas barely able to pass two cars even when pulled over.

Here is a quick series of this amazing building with some of the built in advanced filters in my camera.

The streets of Gallway were great to wander and take in the sights.

After Gallway it was an easy few hours over to Dublin to continue the exploration.

Although we thought we wouldn't end up doing it - everyone recommended we do a bus tour of Dublin since there is so much to see.  So off we went for a 90 mins tour of the North and South sides in a big loop.

I'm not sure what this needle represents but it was neat to see and sure does head skywards!  Just like NYC now - Dublin had lots of construction going on in lots of places.  The aging infrastructure seems to be a common theme.
Great area around Trinity College

I like the way they list the floors in the elevator.  So much different than the US standards. Anyone hanging on -1 ?
Below- Guiness anyone?

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