Monday, July 18, 2016

Fujifilm X Series Batteries NP-W126 & NP-W126S

There is a lot of excitement - rightfully so - around the launch of the Fujifilm X-T2.  The camera is packed full of amazing new features never before seen in the X Series.  As usual I'm not really looking to do a review or analysis - but try to add a nugget of info about the camera and perhaps some clarification where I see conversations happening.

One of those areas discussed is the new battery NP-W126S.  This battery is physically the same as the current NP-W126 and will offer no additional performance improvements in any of the X cameras.  It was designed to handle the higher temperatures generated by the X-T2 when it operates in some of its high speed functions and/or 4K video.  The "new" S battery has an orange circle dot versus the current square seen on the batteries.

 In addition - keen observers will see that the current X Series cameras have three battery contacts and the X-T2 has four.  This is to work with the new cell in the 126S which withstands the higher temps.  The batteries are interchangeable for the power booster and the 126S is fine to use in any X camera.  To summarize - the NP-W126S is NOT a power boosting battery - the Power Booster VPB-XT2 has that function.  

One of the new hot features on the X-T2 is the flip out vertical LCD - versus the standard flip the X-t1 has.

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Also there are two new Fujifilm Camera Straps hitting the streets shortly....

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  1. Thank you for this write up. I have four NP-W126 batteries presently, and was wondering about this new change. Do you think it will be possible to use the NP-W126 in the X-T2 at all, for example with the boost features not enabled or will the X-T2 simply not work with the old batteries? Is the charger changed in any way as well? I'm planning to keep my X-E2 and X-1Pro. I'm going to sell what is my favorite camera of all of them, the X100s for the simple fact of the need for a different battery and charger, and right now I'm on the fence with regards to which new camera to go for, the X-T2 or the X-Pro 2. The need for a second type of battery and or charger would affect my decision significantly. I cycle and charge my batteries via a Dyno and holding battery, so two batteries on a long distance trip is somewhere between maddening and undoable. Thanks!

  2. The current battery for the other X bodies - W126 can be used in the XT2 when not utilizing the boost features and 4k video as you mentioned. There is no new charger so any you have for the W126 will be perfect for the 126 and 126s. The heat issue isn't a problem in regular use.


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