Friday, June 12, 2009

This week I was out on the Hudson one night and while we passed the Statue I was able to get a pretty good shot of her lit against the dark sky.

Certainly I can only imagine what this must have felt like to arrive in NY harbor decades ago by boat and see this statue looming in the distance and know that you've just about made it to America.

The second shot I just had to share.  Yesterday while working on a digital lab sale with my 150 line excel quote - the owner wanted to check some of the math.  There are tons of formulas and discounts and cross references to different items.  I asked for a calculator to show her how the numbers all end up how they do.  She checked my math on an abacus.  I swear i didn't think she was going to be able to keep up - but she did no problem.  It was amazing to watch.

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