Sunday, June 28, 2009

This week two neat things happened.

First was as Neal and I entered a bride's house I couldn't help but feel I was at a filming location for a NJ Housewives series.  This home was huge and the entryway just screamed out for a fish-eye shot of the family - so here you have that classic family shot.

Then to prove how much the internet folks track what we are doing I saw the other item attached.

This week I shopped at Brooks Brothers for a new suit and clothes.  Later in the week I had to look up some details of a digital camera and low and behold the ads pushed to me were from Brooks Brothers!  Now of course they should have said thanks for your recent purchase - but instead were touting the sale I just went to....

Either way - they "knew" I was "looking" there and someone paid to have the ads served to me on the most unlikely website from UK -  I thought it was a neat occurrence considering the combination of ads with the camera site.

Have a good week!

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