Monday, May 16, 2011

Automatic Sweep Stitching in Camera

One of the neat features in many new cameras is the sweep panorama function.  The images can be fun at times and useless in others - but I think it is always fun to give it a whirl and see what ends up in the file.  Usually they are tough to print since there are slight glitches along the way - but when you consider what you are doing to make the image it is impressive.
Here are two images I recently shot with the X100 and NEX3.  They are 3000 pixels across if you click to enlarge the view.  A little tweak can help make them more dramatic.  Printing them is easier than ever and I'm usually printing them about 4" x 15" to 10" x 36".

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  1. Anonymous2:46 AM


    Do you have an update on the status of US availability of X100 accesories (Lens Hood & Case)?.



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