Friday, May 06, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 NYC Skyline Where I Was

Yesterday I happened to be at a point where I could look up and see where I shot a favorite panorama in a few posts back.  So I thought for fun I'd show both vantage points as a reference.

In answer to the LCD playback question - The only way to do a work around for this that I can suggest is to set the Playback to Continuous - then it will switch to the LCD for you when you remove your eye from the OVF.  Let me know what you think.



  1. Brandon, I know you had extensive use on the X100. I have been going over the user guide and I think information on this is lacking. How do you set the X100 to have the LCD automatically play back the pictures you have taken instead of the EVF/OVF? Do you always have to press the play button every time you want to see them on the LCD screen?

    Even if I select the OVF + LCD screen setting, the pictures won't play back on the LCD screen even you take your eye away from the eyepiece.

  2. I tried doing that and the mirror on the OVF still flips open and shows the preview, not until you take off your eye from the eyepiece. Also, it does show the picture you have taken on the LCD but the LCD reverts to become the viewfinder and stays on. Is there anyway to prevent the EVF from flipping open and just show the preview straight on the LCD screen and the LCD screen will just automatically turn off after a couple of seconds (like a DSLR)? This would help save power, also. If not, I hope they can incorporate this on a future firmware upgrade.


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