Monday, September 19, 2011

Fujifilm X100 & EF-20 Gets it Right

One of the joys of digital we all take for granted now is the ability to shoot an almost unlimited amount of images and see them all instantaneously.  The image preview helps us tweak images to get the exposure just right.  The difference between an OK image and a very good one could be a couple stops away or the addition of some flash or other light modification.  
In the images below I began the scene with a general shot and realized the scene needed flash and compensation.
I shot it again and saw that I needed to balance the ambient and flash a little tighter - it looked good - but not quite as realistic.  Then for the last shot I noticed if I lifted the EF-20 flash head up just a smidge I could avoid the hotspot on the rock below his feet.  I think this looks the most realistic.  Of course several of them are acceptable and the choice is subjective.
I began with ISO 500 and 1/85th @ F/2.0 and ended at 1/60th @ F/5.0. 

Natural light with no flash.  Scene is ugly for highlight detail and hat shadow

Not as natural as can be

Note light on rock below feet

Rock now naturally lit

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