Friday, September 09, 2011

Weekly Email - 9-9-11 WTC Experience

As we approach the 10 year anniversary of the 9-11 attacks the moments of introspection are with us all in a myriad of thoughts.

The WTC area is still nowhere near complete - but the amazing memorial designed by Michael Arad is going to open on 9-11-11.  His design incorporates the footprints of the twin towers and builds waterfalls in the space with the names of the victims located around each of the two openings.  In the photos below you can make out the footprint and waterfall of the north tower and just barely see the south tower area.  What is also amazing and mesmerizing is to be there and watch the water ebb and flow with the wind and run endlessly. 

The names are inscribed based on the victim's work location and their connections to other victims.  If you would like to explore the list and see more I encourage you to download the ipad app or of course make an appointment to go to the site and see the park and memorial.

One of the new office towers is being built - One World Trade Center - known as the Freedom Tower it is now about 800 feet high and will grow to be 1776 feet.  There are four other buildings which are part of the WTC area, and only 7 WTC is completed.

You can see the other towers's footprints in the below image.
The green arch in front of the crane is the new travel hub and the museum is clearly visible though not opening until 9-12-12.
I also included an image looking east from the water of the WTC before and after.

Rendering of final WTC area


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  2. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Dissapointed, for one they will no longer be known as the twin towers. Secondly New york was famous for the amazing look the old WTC gave to the Manhattan skyline. I have always wanted go New York to see the twin towers, and i wont be able to with them gone and never being replaced. They need be a exact replica of the old WTC other wise the terrorists have permanently effected NYC skyline.


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