Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weekly Email - 3-23-12 - Buildings as Art

It is easy to fall into a comfortable visual status quo while walking around our hometown area.  I'm trying to take a look at various parts of NYC with a fresh eye and see the unique characteristics and thought that go into the design of our city and the buildings which take up most of the landscape.

This week I looked out at a church (Grace Church) which impressed me in its detailed design.  I can't help but think that way back in 1846-47 when it was built that each and every stone was lifted and placed by hand to make the ornate structure we see here.   The coloration has changed over the decades and you can see that in the image.

Canon 5DII ISO 250 F/4.5 @ 1/420 - 200mm
FinePix X100 ISO 200 F/6.4 @ 1/200 - 35mm

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