Friday, March 09, 2012

Weekly Email - 3-9-12 - Brooklyn Travels


This week I took a ride on the train about 15 stops to venture to an area I don't usually see.  Brooklyn is of course a large area so I by no means saw anything besides a few blocks but it proved to be productive since I felt like an out of town tourist with my camera wandering the neighborhood.

Two scenes I'm gravitating to are the readily available food markets on every corner as well as the interesting man crossing the street.  The food market has an interesting pattern with the pigeon poop on the awning and what I assume is all the gum (?) on street.
Hanging out on the elevated track was neat since from one side I could see tons of street activity and way off in the distance I could see the top of the Freedom Tower going up.  Traveling by subway through the boroughs above ground is a good way to explore. 

Freedom Tower Rising in the Middle

I just don't know why I would need one of those!

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