Friday, November 09, 2012

Fujifilm X-E1 Part II Around Town Snapshots

Time to post some of the latest images from the past month or so.  Trying to illustrate many types of scenes so you can get an idea of how the camera performs in many situations.  Of course I do have a slight over confidence in the camera since it shares the same X-Trans sensor the X-Pro1 has which has already proven itself in the market.  The X-E1 bodies only have shipped.  The kits will follow soon and then the 14mm in about three weeks - guessing around December 1 arrival - a guess!

So off we go to let the images speak for themselves!  I assume the exif data is there - but I hear at various times it's stripped.  Not my intention to avoid those details.

Aperture magazine celebrates 60 years at a gala..these images are shot from 800-1600 ISO.

 Patrick McMullan gets a name in action.
 Mary Ellen Mark

 A couple who won a limited edition print heading home - ISO 1600
 Michelle Dunn Marsh, Sylvia Plachy, Holly Hughes (PDN), Dan Steinhardt (Epson)
 Thomas Werner & Kayla Lindquist (Sony)
 Kayla and Dana Triwush (Aperture)

 Harper and Mark Levine
 Chris Boot on left and Melissa Harris on far right - Aperture

 Elliot Erwitt and Mary Ellen Mark - ISO 1250

 Kayla Lindquist and Elliot

 Street scene at ISO 1600
 Country road
 Gabe from B&H spotted in the crowd
 Fall scene at multiple ISO's.  This scene was shot from ISO 200-25600

 ISO 800 outside view
 Multiple exposure scenes

 Grabbing a sneak peak around mom's leg

ISO 1600 party time excellent!


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    I'm looking to buy this camera as a complement to my already excellent x100. From all the samples I have seen IQ is at least or even more impressive than x100. Thanks for the share! Oh and also that last shot. My. Beautiful girls =)

  2. good to see some real world samples from this camera, thanks for posting!

  3. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Do you know when the X-E1 Kit promotion will end?


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