Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fujifilm X-Pro1 Price Move

The Fujifilm X-PRO1 is making a move!
To spur on holiday sales Fujifilm (USA) is reducing the price of the X-Pro1 from Nov 25th to Feb 2, 2013.
The price will move from $1699.95 for the body to $1399.95.
There is also a combo savings when the camera is bought with the XF18mm or XF35mm lens.  The price for this set is $1699.95.  Both are a $300 savings off the current pricing.

The Fujifilm X-E1 body and kits have now shipped in the USA and dealers will see their stock levels increasing over the next week or two.  I am sure the reviews will be coming in as the camera gets into more hands.  From the early reports I've seen the 16MP XTrans sensor is performing excellently and the camera is a great addition to the X-Series.  Shipments of the XF18-55 lens will also be ramping up shortly.  The status of the XF14mm lens is still in a holding pattern and I'd like to be cautious on its arrival date and just say it should be a few weeks or more.  I am sure it will be on many photographers holiday list.

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  1. I am really looking forward to the 14mm....

    I hope the Fujifilm will fix the auto ISO to make it more useful.

    Add bracketing up to +/-2 stops.

    Help Adobe fix the "watercolor" smearing issues.

    That is my holiday wish list.

  2. Thank you for the solid points - we are working on those for sure. It's good to see that we have RAW compatibility from release with Adobe CS and LR and it will only improve.

  3. Thanks for the update. Ordered an X-E1 with kit and waiting patiently for it. Is it possible to boost the VF refresh rate to 60, to provide smoother panning? Can that be done in a firmware update, or is this version of the VF not capable of it?

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    What do you know about this offer. Can they be combined? I see UK in the address so most likely does not apply to USA.

  5. Mr. Hillter8:13 PM

    Too bad RAW support is laughable. Not a serious camera without real RAW support.

  6. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Do you know when the X-E1 Kit promotion will end?


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