Saturday, March 09, 2013

Weekly Email - 3-8-13 - Snowy Scene of Truth ??

This week I sent out my weekly email and it was well received I am thrilled to report.  I remember shooting the image and not quite loving it - but then I revisited the image and gave it a few tweaks and fell in love with it.
And then the problems started!
In my original post of the image I stated - 
Whenever the snow hits the city it's always great to watch the transformation the area goes through.

This photo was really as is.  A person with a red umbrella just happened to walk over that bridge while I was looking out across the pond.  Such luck!

Now I didn't choose my words too carefully since I just popped out the image and did a few tweaks to it.  Such as remove the color everywhere except the umbrella, and remove two people - more as practice than a point of deception.

So then I was accused of altering the image since there was no way the umbrella person would have walked there then.  Of course I vigorously asserted that the image was as stated - the person with the umbrella walked by and I shot the image.  But I did remove the color and run a filter on it, and remove two people who to me hardly make a difference, nor are related to the assertion that I placed the red umbrella there.  I am not running a news bureau after all.

What do you think - was my statement accurate?  Did I represent the scene fairly?

You can see the originally raw file in the photoshop camera raw window below.  

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