Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekly Email - 3-29-13 - Washington DC Travels

This week I took the train down to DC which is a really easy trip.  
Why our country has not embraced high speed rail and better train service is beyond me.  I remember all my train rides in Europe over 20yrs ago and the simplicity and speed was wonderful.  
The trip to DC is effortless and I wish I had more extensive rail options.  Get to Penn Station about 10 mins before the track is announced, show a printed ticket to an agent and walk on.  Pretty much always have two seats to yourself and of course AC plugs at every seat.  Three and a half hours later I'm in the heart of DC and ready to go!
I brought the usual spread of cameras to try to capture an interesting shot with each of them.
The Fujifilm X100S, Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Fujfilm X20.  Each had its place in the day of shooting and DC has no shortage of amazing sites to see.

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