Monday, May 06, 2013

Fujifilm X-Series Cameras in Desert

When I took off to Palm Springs I had to make the always tough decision of what cameras to shoot with.  The combo turned out to be pretty easy.
Fujifilm X100S
Fujifilm X-Pro1 with 14mm and 55-200 lenses
Fujifilm X-S1 - since the zoom range can't be beat for general shooting.  Smaller 2/3" sensor - but I can deal.
These images are just a few from my travels and I really enjoyed just driving through the desert and taking it all in.

The weather was approximately 105 on some days and cooler up in the hills of Joshua Tree park.

 The real key for my shooting enjoyment is the X-Trans sensor.  I love the performance of the Fujifil APS-C sensor.  It makes shooting such a breeze since the post processing is minimal due to the color accuracy as well as overall sharpness.

Salton Sea is an amazing place to visit.  The almost dead lake is California's largest lake.  Born from a river flood - the lake now exists from rainfall and run-off and is over 500 square miles.  Very scenic and pretty stinky from rotting I don't know what.

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  1. Yossi9:07 PM

    Brandon these are nice pictures. I really like the colors and the sharpness. Can you share what kind of processing you are using - are these from raw or original jpg and what settings/film simulation?

  2. Thank you for taking a look at them. There is really a myriad of things to discuss in your question since four different cameras were used.
    First of all I only use Aperture for my organization and basic processing. I import and then tweak if I see the need. In most of the cases these were RAW files - many in the Velvia FSM and then I'll use a Quick Adjust in Aperture to have the program boost the color to where it was when shot. None of the images were massaged in PS. For the X series cameras I shot 3 FSMs. Standard - Velvia and B&W Red Filter. X100S and X-Pro1.
    The X-S1 was all jpegs and there are many of them.
    The XP100 underwater - basic jpegs.
    It's really hard to describe each one - but I really don't speed a ton of time processing images. Just don't have the time. Some were tweaked in Snapseed - but maybe 3 or 4 where it looks obvious since there is a sorta glow. I can share specifics if needed from a screenshot in Aperture.


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