Monday, May 20, 2013

Nubble Lighthouse - York, Maine

When I was up in Boston for work and had a free afternoon I knew I had to take a drive up the Maine coast to try and get a nice shot of the Nubble Lighthouse. 
As photographers know timing is a large part of the creative process and when I set out Sunday morning it was pouring rain.  But I thought that a shot in the foggy rain would somehow work rather than no shot at all.
I made a few shots of a cloudy Nubble and headed north on the coast to see what else I could find.
Fast forward a few hours and I decided to head back down to the nubble and see if I could get lucky.  Sure enough around 7:40p the sun peeked through and lit the Nubble in an awesome way.  I shot the below pick with the Fujifilm X20 on its Miniature mode so this is right out of camera jpeg.  What a great burst of sun to end the day. 

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