Friday, January 10, 2014

Las Vegas CES 2014

The annual Consumer Electronics Show attracts approximately 150,000 people to Vegas to take in all the latest and greatest gadgets and technology the world has to offer.  Some of the heavy hitters are obvious such as Samsung, Ford, LG, Monster, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, GoPro and dozens of others we all know and use in our daily lives.  Since I was there to work at the booth and not "see" the show I do not have an in-depth view to share - but the experience is absolutely a thrill to behold.  Check out the dozens of CES wrap ups like this one from The Verge -

The annual PMDA dinner is always a classy event and a nice way to start the week in Vegas.
Seeing the booth for the first time is still a thrill.  Never know what surprises are going to pop in from Japan to wow us all.  This year the Instax Share Printer was definitely a hot item.  Click the images to enlarge the view.

The announcement of the XF56 1.2R and the XF10-24 4.0R are big news item for Fujifilm.  These two lenses are going to give a nice boost for the system as it continues to expand and meet the needs of photographers.
The black body X100S was a nice surprise as well.  A great camera gets a new black option.

Had a nice pop by by Impossible president and film lover Kayce and friends.

 Heading out on the town with new lenses in tow always leads to some experimenting with light and glass, especially at high iso.

Fujifilm introduced for the first time the new XF10-24 and XF56 lenses.   They should ship by March 25th in the USA.
Fujifilm XF10-24 Link

 Fujifilm XF56 1.2R

The Peppermill is a classic place - but I'd go there for breakfast only if you ask me.
Some quick snaps at ISO 2500

 Zack Arias and others were popping by every day to check out the new gear.

Heading out on the strip to do some walking.  This was a big walking day in Vegas - tracked my steps on my fuel band and noted just over 16,000 steps around Vegas.

 Spotted some guys from The Verge

 Some sales champions of Fujifilm


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