Friday, January 31, 2014

NYC Superbowl Boulevard

NYC is hosting part of the Superbowl as we all know.  The part that doesn't include the game.  So to throw as best a hosting attempt as you can in the chilly temps the city converted about 13 blocks of Broadway from 47th to 34th Street into Superbowl Boulevard.  This area is chocked full of fan activities and way too many people to easily enjoy it all.
The other night I took a walk on the boulevard and snapped a few shots.

 Security is always top of the mind nowadays.  The intense security overwhelms the senses if you look around.

FOX built a huge stage which floats about 50ft above the street.

 Politicians were out to get the celebration going.  The Mayor - Commissioner and owners of Jets and Giants.

 This is what everyone is talking about - the tobaggon ride.

There is a great display projected on the side of Macys.  Catch it if you are in the area.

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