Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fujifilm FinePix S1 Weatherproof Camera

The new FinePix S1 is a nice camera with some impressive features.  The weather resistant qualities are one of the highlights most people will be drawn to.  Worrying about your camera when the rain starts is never a fun thing.  The S1 works to relieve that feeling with its body seals.  Read more at the site link.
The zoom range is VERY impressive and the camera is a full function compact digital.

There are many reviews of the camera on the web so I'll leave the list of specs to those sites and you can find all the info here on the Fujifilm page:
And a review of all the features here:

The S1 has an impressive 50x zoom from 24-1200.  Some examples below of how powerful that really is.
 These are the after shower images - the camera continues to work perfectly even hours later.
 The S1 has the usual bevy of Advanced Filter functions like Toy Camera and Dynamic Color Pop.
 You can clearly see how powerful the 50x zoom is.  This is handheld.

 This shot is with the isolating filter - I chose orange only with B&W.

 A new advanced filter is the fish eye simulation.

 Here again while walking around you can see how powerful the S1 zoom really is.

 The image of the woman and the dog are with the zoom range - you can barely see her below.

 The series below were shot on a rainy dreary day.

 Here again is the massive zoom range.

 I used the POP Color filter here for a surreal look.

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