Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fujifilm Extension Tubes for the X Series

There are two new extension tubes which allow photographers to get in close to their subjects and enjoy the power of macro with many of their common lenses.
Extension tubes allow increased magnification by allowing the lens to focus closer to the subject.
I played around with the XF18-55 and XF56 lenses to see what kind of increase in magnification I could achieve with the MCEX 11mm shown above.  I think it's dramatic increase and a very versatile, inexpensive item to add to your camera bag.

This first example shows you how you can go from the close up distance with no extension tube to the close up with the 11mm tube on the XF56mm lens.

Next I tried the 11mm tube on the very popular XF18-55mm lens to see how versatile this would be.  The close up distance varies depending on what focal length you zoom in to.  Here are the images at standard close up - then several with the 11mm tube on.  If the weather was better I'd get out and try some nature images but it hasn't been so here are some quick shots.

These are significantly closer images easily made with the 11mm tube.

Here you can see two shots of the coin which show the effect of the XF56mm apodization filter.  It has a soft blur on the edges and this is what leads to the creamy bokeh this lens will deliver.  Working on those samples.
The apertures used are F2.8 and F11.

Suggested list is $99 USA.

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