Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fujinon XF56mm F/1.2 R APD

The new Xf56mm APD lens is a special optic.  The lens shares the same optical configuration as the XF56mm lens, but adds the apodization filter to increase the creamy bokeh blurred effect.

You can see the technical descriptions here and on the Fujifilm site:

The neutral blurring filter you see in the diagram does decrease the amount of light the lens transmits at apertures wider than F5.6  You can see the "new" scale for the exposure correction on the lens barrel.  The lens does not enable phase detection AF.  In my limited outdoor low light shooting I did not find this to be a problem.  Other shooting situations may yield other opinions, but i will differ to the other web reviews and further testing to see how this lens'  AF performs.  Of course its strength and specialty is the fast aperture with extra special bokeh performance.  The lens also ships with a three stop ND filter.  I'm waiting for a sunny day to test the lens outside in bright light with the new electronic shutter at 1/4000th to 1/32,000 at F/1.2,  I shot these exposures with the standard XF56 1.2R and it was awesome.  Next test will be with the APD.  We need some sunny days now.

All images below are shot wide open at F1.2.  Except for the two identical subway light shots - one at F5.6 for example.

Here I manually focused the lens to achieve the various levels of out of focus.

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