Friday, April 10, 2015

Costa Rica Travels Part One

I recently took a great trip to the tropical rain forest area of Costa Rica in the southern tip on the Pacific Ocean.  The travel was pretty easy with a direct flight to San Jose and then a short flight on a local airline down to Puerto Jimenez.  From there is was a 30 minute drive on dirt roads to the tropical hotel we were booked into.
The image of the propeller was shot with the electronic shutter at 1/8000th so you can see the rolling shutter as the blades whiz by.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing sunrise view from the room.  Sometimes I think it's better to have a sunset view than sunrise - but with the sounds of the jungle waking you up around 5am it was nice to have a change and see the sunrise unfold.
The shot here was done with the XT1 in Velvia mode.  Not tweaked in post processing - the colors were amazing and the light was basically perfectly stunning.

There were iguanas of all ages running around the area.  The small ones are green and are certainly fun to capture.  The below shot was done with the XF55-200 with the 11mm extension tube and the EF20.  All other images of the animals and wildlife were also shot with the XF55-200.  None of these animals are in any zoo like conditions - all in the wild.

I'm going to put this trip into two parts - so stay tuned for the next installment.  Thanks for taking a look!

The welcome area on the air strip was this cemetery.  Unusual.

My X-T1 was set up on intervalometer for a great sunrise video I made with 215 frames.  I shot the sunrise from about 5am to 9am with a frame every minute.  I used the XF14mm.  See the video here:

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