Sunday, April 12, 2015

Costa Rica Travels Part Two

The walk to the rooms was really quite awesome with a view of the ocean off to the left and right.  We were up on a ridge about 300ft above the water.

I brought the X-T1 and 3 main lenses.  The XF14mm, XF16-55 and the XF55-200.  Sure I could have used a 400mm range - but at what aperture and what weight?  

The waiting room at the airport is a little different than we are used to.

Folks are lined up for pick ups when the local plane arrives.  No security lines or any hassles!  Just buy a ticket and walk on.  Nice change.

I tried a quick double exposure of the moon over the ocean.

Outside of San Jose at about 8600ft elevation we visited the Volcano Paos.  It is mildly active I am told over the past few decades and nothing much doing now in the pit you can see there with some steam coming out.
Who doesn't like a snack shop that sells coconuts on the shelf ?

These images were at one of the oldest coffee plantations in the region.  They still do things by hand and many of the methods are simple using water based mills.  The colorful oxcart is a famous symbol of Costa Rica with a rich history in farming.
Here you can see the coffee laid out to dry.  They told us they rake it every 45mins and let it dry for several days.

I was lucky to have a new photo bag with me.  The Tenba Shootout 14L is incredibly compact and customizable.  With several of the Toolkit zippered pouches I was able to always grab what I need.  I also really cannot imagine going anywhere without the MePhoto phone adapter stand.  I use it on my tripods as well as on my desk every day for work for easy viewing.

This is an example of how I can travel with the Fujifilm mirrorless lenses so easily with the bag. In there are the XF14, XF27, XF35 and my 11mm ext tube.  As well as my 2 lens adapters for the X100.

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