Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Black and White

While walking down the beach I stopped for a bite and this woman was cooking up some tasty patties. The X100 was great for a grab shot. Near silent and quick as I saw the sun beam coming through on her. This is a jpeg straight from camera.


  1. Hi Brandon,

    Nice picture with that ray of light. Can you tell me how the dynamic range is of the X100. I know it's better than a normal compact cam but does it do the same as an prosumer DSLR?

    Thanks in advance!!
    The Netherlands

  2. Anonymous10:25 PM

    One look at this image and I'd say the DR is rather large. I continue to be impressed with how flat the X100 images are out of camera. Definitely not for those adverse to processing but for the rest of us, the files look to have a ton of malleability.

  3. yeah, i was amazed how well this camera did with snow shot exposures as shown in the official sample images.

    this camera makes me want to travel!

  4. Oh, and nice photo Brandon!


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