Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Macro Shot

I just shot this on the window sill.  I broke open an ipod and shot this from about 4" away from the ipod.  It is not cropped.   Full 4,288 x 2,848 pixels.  I still do not have the raw converter so working with jpegs is a bummer - but yielding decent results.  I am very happy with the edge sharpness especially at this focal length.  See what you think.  Any questions can be posted or emailed to me.   brandon1@aol.com


  1. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Oh yes, the lens is really sharp! What was the F-number? Could you post full size JPG, please?

  2. Thanks for these regular updates. Really appreciate it.

  3. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Brandon Mr Chompers is right we should all say a big thanks for the daily updates here. I'm probably only 1 of thousands checking your site daily hoping for some more images & info so we can evaluate the iq of this cool cam. It's a lot of dosh to part with so it's great to have someone like yourself feeding us these updates.
    Speaking of updates I need a fix badly!! Seriously thanks again.. and if you feel like telling us about the speed of focusing and how it performs in the real world that would seriously be excellent.


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