Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Instax SKIN IT Offer

I am a big fan of both the Instax system and the great product sold at SkinIt.
http://www.skinit.com/  Go there and enter search term Instax to see the choices - limitless.
This site offers you the ability to "cover" many of your devices with a custom image of yours or their design.  You can upload your image easily and they will ship it to you fast.  Their quality is excellent.  I have about 8 Instax cameras with the SkinIt designs on them and I'd like to offer 10 of them free to whoever is sincerely going to use the free SkinIt on an Instax Camera.  My SkinIt code is ONLY GOOD for an Instax 7s or 25.  No other product.  You must own the camera already or plan to.  So if you are interested in a free Skin - send me an email - but be considerate since I can only give out the code once and then the code dies.  This offer expires August 1.  Here are a few samples.

Here is a sample of the camera with SkinIt offer.


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