Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Travel Time with the X100 Coming Up

I'm looking forward to putting the X100 through its paces in the mountains.  For some activities this is the ideal camera.  I can have a compact camera and not sacrifice quality.  Sure I'll also have a DSLR with a couple lenses with me at times - but that's not for every moment on the trails or biking.  
Heading up to around 9,000 feet to take in some nature, try some pano sweep images and all sorts of fun in the thin air.  

This image always makes me get fired up for the outdoors.  How can you not just take it in and feel more relaxed!??

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  1. I'm headed to the Outer Banks in August and am bringing 2 SLRs (film and digital) and the X100. I have a feeling the X100 will see more use than the SLRs. I love this camera.


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