Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Would You Take? Are You Ready?

This morning as I was sitting at the computer I heard the usual sirens of NYC as fire trucks went up the avenue.  It's not something anyone really pays attention to until I heard a commotion - then glass breaking then noticed all the traffic was stopped outside my building.  
Yes - the fear we all have - MY building was the one with the fire in it.  The activity was now causing panic in the area and I immediately had to think - What do I grab with me?.  So here is what I took - plus my Time Capsule.  
This should be a reminder to always back up your work and have a go plan should you need it.
Luckily although the fire was two floors below me - no damage was caused to my floor and minimal damage to other apartments besides where it originated.  The FDNY acted fast and with two ladder trucks had it out in minutes.

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