Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fujifilm X-Pro1 with the 60mm lens

The X-Series 60mm lens has lagged behind the 18mm & 35mm in delivery to the dealers.  This week we will see them arrive at the dealers and folks can get their hands on a terrific lens for portrait, macro, still-life and whatever else you like a medium telephoto for.  The sharpness is great and it's a terrific lens to own.  

I've been experimenting with the 60mm (35mm equivalent is 91mm) for a couple months and have shared many images from my pre-production lens, and my final version is now in my hands so I'll update more images later.

For now here's a quick sample of the aperture look and some X-Pro1 colors.  I think the jpegs deliver fabulous results.  Don't forget to adjust the film simulation modes.  I hope people play around with the new negative settings as well as the great setting of Astia for daylight portraits.  One of the best slide films ever made and perfect for scanning for you film folks out there using a hybrid digital and film workflow.  (Almost all sold out now - lots of 4x5 available though)

The new flash model EF-X20 is next on my list to shoot with.  I must say the Assist Grip for the X-Pro1 is a terrific fit and once I pair it with a Thumb's Up type adapter and a soft release I'll be one happy shooter!  Remember to update the firmware of your camera and lenses.

 The images below are shot at three different apertures to give you an idea about the various depth of field looks.  F2.4 - F/8.0 and F/22.

Backlit at ISO 400 @ F/2.4

 Then I followed the trail of an ear of corn for some grab shots with the 60mm lens.

ISO 400

Using the multiple focus points to select far right

Perfect afternoon light reflecting into this shot

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