Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Email - 4-27-12 - It's A Helluva Town!

New York City never disappoints me.  Anytime you fall into a lull and think you've seen it all, a winning moment waits around the corner.

The other day while walking to the subway at Union Square around 8:15am a woman in an incredibly short skirt crossed in front of me on what I will assume was her "stride of pride" (aka walk of shame).  She was clearly uncomfortable in her last night's outfit.  Well no sooner could I lift my camera to my hip while walking did a man walking towards us glance her way.  It was a lucky shot and I didn't realize how well I caught his glance until I looked at the image on the Mac later that evening. 

This is further proof of my feeling to always have a camera with me since you just never know what pops out in front of you.

Now which version do we like better?  The black and white or color?

Fujifilm X-Pro1 with 18mm lens ISO 1000 - F/5.6 @ 1/400th


  1. I'm with Jerome -- both!!!

  2. I'm with Jerome -- both!!!

  3. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Black and White...very Fifty Shades!!

  4. Man that's an ugly SUV...

  5. Black and white for sure! (the color's pretty good too though...)

  6. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Can't decide... -- both !!!

  7. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Black and white by far. Colours (street, windows) divert us from the subjects.

  8. Love the imagine. Personally would crop it left side up to front wheel of car. It's a bit distracting.


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