Friday, July 03, 2015

Ireland Travels Part 3 Dublin

One of the neat places we stumbled upon in Dublin was the Blind Pig.  A speakeasy type bar restaurant that is not listed or marked on the street.  Through an email I received a code and location which opened a door off the street above and proceeded down an alley then to another coded door and down into a basement where we proceeded to have some tasty drink.  Then a surprise to us is that there was a cabaret type show so we stayed and took in the local activities.

 With the XT1 and the XF16mm I not only had a great low light combo - but the wet weather in Dublin was no worry with the weatherproof set up.

Part 1 for the Ireland trip is here - the good pics ;-)

 For ease and laziness - the images in the Ireland post are all jpegs out of the camera.  I don't have the time yet to tweak anything.  Some of them have in camera filters like Miniature or a color isolation choice.  Most of the time I shot with the Velvia setting to punch up the colors.  Another choice for most of my non essential shooting was the Film Simulation Bracket mode.  I can't say enough about how handy it is for travel.  Personally I set my camera for three exposures in JPEG and capture a Velvia, Classic Chrome and B&W Red Filter frame in one snap of the shutter.  Very handy for cloudy days.

 I thought I would put the next image in just to show a bunch of what I would label as bad composition on my part.  Can I have a more clustered image of objects?

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