Monday, July 13, 2015

Travel to Pennsylvania and In-Camera Filters

Nestled in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania is an area around Lake Wallenpaupack where the small town quaint nature of things is intact.  For a quick NYC getaway there are many choices under three hours away and the Milford and Hawley PA area was where we headed one weekend.
 When we checked into the Ledges Hotel we were pleasantly surprised by the water flowing down a triple waterfalls.  Due to some downpours over the past few days the water was heavier than normal since the river is mostly blocked by the large lake dam.

 This 14 foot diameter pipeline transports the water from the lake to the power plant down the hill a bit.


  The hotel provided many photo opps of the falls.  I played around with the apple watch and iPhone for remote shooting as well as many other slow motion and stop action images.

 Rated as one of the top 10 fireworks in PA the show was delayed a day due to the rain and we got lucky since the 5th was a beautiful day and less crowded.
As the night fell there were hundreds of boats on the Lake and hundreds of people gathered at the local high school for an amazing show.  One of the best parts was being so close.  They went off just past the end zone and we were around the 50 yard line - so they were bursting very close to us.

Back at the hotel I did a quick series of the internal filters in the Fujifilm X-T1.  
The filter set makes it much easier to make interesting photos without importing to the computer or phone.  The series here is:
Toy Camera - Miniature - Pop Color - Hi Key - Low Key - Dynamic Color - Soft Focus - B&W - B&W with Green Isolated.

A gem in the area to explore is the Grey Towers Estate.  This beautiful property is a national forest service historic site donated by the man who basically started the conservation and forestry movement in the USA.  Gifford Pinchot.

They were very interesting minimal collectors of their passions - outdoors.  The home which is majestic was built for $40,000 in the late 1800's.

The frames you see of the painting is actually painted on the wall along with the frame.

 A neat area of the house was the large outdoor dining area where they would use this pool to pass the dishes across the table.  Yes for real.

 This is the entrance building to the estate.  It is also the bathrooms which are one of the nicest public bathrooms you've ever used or seen.

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