Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer in Sag Harbor

If you've ever been out east on Long Island you know that as you pass through Suffolk County and reach the end of the LIE the world changes and you enter the unique bubble of the "Hamptons".  
Getting out there is easy enough.  Exit Manhattan heading east and drive for 90 miles or so.  When you get to the oasis of summer fun and exorbitant lifestyles it is easy to be awestruck.

The hotel choices are kind of sparse so we checked into a new property in Sag Harbor for a fun few days exploring and catching up with friends.  The area around Sag Harbor is amazing and has the charm associated with towns settled around 1700.  Rich with history and investment income the town is a lovely place to wander and enjoy.  The beaches are wonderful and the scenery doesn't quit!
To end any great evening hop on the ferry to Shelter Island and over to the Sunset Grill for a scene like you read about!

 The light just before sunset was great.  I grabbed this quick shot with the XF90mm.

 I've been playing around with a series of reflection shots with my  watch.
 Of course while out east it never hurts to grab a couple hours at one of the vineyards.  Wolfer Wines was where we stopped by and Channing Daughters also looks great.
 Long exposure from the room deck of the bay and stars.
  I experimented with several long sunset exposures.  Using an XF16mm lens on the X-T1 I shot the blurred water scenes for about 28 seconds.  Using a multi stop ND filter I upped the time and wanted to achieve the blurred water softness.

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