Thursday, May 28, 2009

It is done!!
Today I was able to return the lost camera to the family who dropped it while visiting here for a wedding.
This is how it was able to happen -

A photog friend recognized the minister in the rehearsal photos.
She contacted him and he gave her the info on the bride.
The bride was away on honeymoon until last Sunday - meanwhile lots of you helped with suggestions on the venue etc - and when she came back she confirmed she knew the people in the photos and the owners were relatives.
The bride's father-in-law lives in NJ about 3 miles from my office.  So after a bunch of emails with the bride I got the address in Metuchen and dropped the camera off there today.  The owners of the camera are indeed from Europe so the camera will be sent over to them soon.

Here's a shot from this morning with the father-in-law, the camera, and some photos I printed from the camera of the owners.

Neat how the internet can work as easy as that!

Thanks to ALL who offered their help and contributed to the effort!

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