Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some of you may have been around for my "found camera" story about 5 yrs ago.  The short was that I found a camera in a cab on New Year's Eve and through this email (and of course Karen's forwarding of it) I was able to return the camera to the owner with their holiday pics.

Well yesterday I found another camera.  This time lying on the street in front of my building when I walked out at 5:30p on 12th St.  It probably fell out when the couple exited a cab.

So here's what I think we should try to do - find the owners!  I can't tell where they live - but they have about 450 pictures on their disk (from Nov 08 to May '09) - and they've been traveling.  There is a wedding on the camera - and it sorta looks like the wedding was in Central Park - Saturday May 9th - near the reservoir.    The photos attached are the wedding and then the older couple who's camera i think it is.  They've been to Chicago, Europe, Iowa (I think), Buffalo (Sean confirm?), Niagra Falls - NYC etc etc.

See if you can find anyone familiar at the wedding or such - here are the 450 pics.  The wedding is towards the end - since they begin in Europe and move to USA and wedding towards the end.  Worth a shot to make someone's day!!

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