Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Hood Idea

It has been frustrating to see how few accessories have shipped in the USA - and we all wish we had more to ship.  Until the inventory is adequate to meet demand I've seen a lot of great DIY hoods and I thought I'd share one I just made today.  I'm not claiming to have an original idea but if you have about $20 you can make a decent hood from two scrap 49mm filters.  Buy any two filters and take the glass out then reverse them on the body.  Easy as that!
Many more ideas out on the web to see.
I am not suggesting you leave the glass in for EITHER 49mm filter when making a hood.  That will not work well and will interfere with some AF operations.  Please take out both pieces of glass.  The images here were as a demo before I smashed out the other piece of glass (as opposed to unscrewing it).


  1. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Any update on the Fuji X100 supply to the US? Has it gotten better. I'm waiting to see if the unit will be available soon with my local dealer so that I can try it out before buying it.

  2. You say it's a bad idea to keep the glass in the 49 mm filters.

    I've got the AR-X100 adapter ring and attached a Kenko Pro1D UV (W) filter to it. Do you mean that this will actually mess with the AF operations?


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