Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Shipment Update

Good news on the X100 delivery front.  More cameras are on their way to the dealers now.   There has been a few too many quiet weeks for cameras - while we have improved shipments of accessories and I see some even on the shelves in NYC dealers.  These will also improve in stock levels.
UPDATE - These X100's will NOT have the latest firmware 1.10 installed since they have been in transit when the release happened.  The process is easy to upgrade and good practice!

It's really awesome to be out on the street shooting and run into other folks with the X100.  I can see that the user base is expanding.  Last night while partying under the High Line I ran into a number of people excited about the camera and I appreciate all the great feedback.  I appreciate any comments folks would like to leave here about any subject - but if you'd like a specific answer to any questions or concerns please email me directly.


  1. Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for the updates, glad to hear there may be more accessories available soon. One question, hope you can answer it here: does the x100 have something like "rear curtain sync" for the flash? I realize the x100 doesn't use curtains, but is there something equivalent where the flash fires at the END of an exposure?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Anonymous11:35 AM

    The camera is soon here. yeah right.


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