Friday, June 03, 2011

Weekly Email 6-3-11 Citi Field Sweep Pano

Sometimes while hanging out in a place that offers so many amazing scenes it is hard to decide what final look is the one to print.
While using the X100 I shot this 120 degree pano to capture the stadium feel.  Then I couldn't decide if I liked the look of it in color or black and white.  Each seems to exist in its own time zone.

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  1. Hi Brandon,

    From your previous post, I took it that dealers would have some accessories today... but no such luck. What on earth is Fuji doing? I mean seriously, how hard is it to deliver some adpater rings???

    First the wait for the camera, now the wait for accessories. This has been the most frustrating camera purchase of my life. Won't be buying Fuji again.


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