Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fujifilm X-Pro1 Random Shots

I am trying to provide a slice of various attributes of the X-Pro1.  I am certainly not a professional reviewer and I am only seeking to share some early images and try to respond to questions photographers have about the camera.  I will leave most of the technical stuff to the professionals and I am sure the usual review sites will receive their test cameras soon.
Yesterday when wandering with the camera I ran into an M9 shooter and we did a side by side test shot.  Now I am using the X-Pro1 with jpeg images only, and the M9 is shooting in DNG.  It is NOT an apples to apples comparison.  Both of us armed with our respective 50mm lens - which on the X-Pro1 is the 35mm = 53mm F1.4 after the 1.5x crop factor.  I feel the X-Pro1 is delivering a nicer color palette and I don't want to set any precedents here - but when the tests are done I think the X-Pro1 will show a higher resolution.  Of course the X-Pro1 is years later in technology and the X-Trans 16MP sensor is a new form of capture.  Either way the Leica lens adapter which is on the horizon will be a welcome addition to all with other M mount style lenses.
I'm going to do some shooting with my 5DII and 28mm 1.8 vs the X-Pro1 and 27mm 2.0. 

Another shot that REALLY impressed me is the shot of a friend's baby.  I was getting out of the car and shot this from outside the car around the baby seat.  What amazes me is the detail of her eyelashes at ISO 400 F2.2.  The AF of the X-Pro1 IS faster than the X100 and the detail and resolution are clearly improved.  The start-up time is much faster than the X100 from sleep as I've shown in the video earlier.  I am sure photographers will pick up the X-Pro1 and be impressed with its classic handling and comfortable feel.

The question was asked about what happens when you switch the file format to a 1:1 ratio.  The neat thing is that it is of course shown on the LCD, EVF and OVF !  No worries about not seeing the format change.  Image size will be 3264 x 3264 (11M), and you can change down to 5M and 3M if you like.  Plenty of options.
I am going to add some portraits with the 60mm (90mm) wide open at 2.4 or 3.6.  The burst below was done at ISO 500 1/125th @ F/3.6.  Original jpeg file uploaded.

This is a bike handle grip w/ 90mm Macro

Shooting with 27mm lens - minimum distortion noticed
Image by Nick Solares with his Lieca M9
Inside of the piano from the video up on youtube with X-Pro1


Multiple AF points allow focusing almost anywhere in the scene

Awesome detail with the 90mm and Off Camera Shoe Cord with EF20

ISO 400 with 53mm lens at F2.2

Screen Capture at 100% - upload compression may have softened it a bit.

ISO 500 1/125th @ F/3.6

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  1. Thank you SO much for these shots. Everything is looking good. Very impressed with the sharpness in the baby pic. If you get a chance, could you do a tight headshot with the tele wide open? Would really like to see the skin tones, edge sharpness and bokeh of that combo. Also one quick question: If you switch the aspect ration to 1:1, is that reflected somehow in the finder? Thanks again. Geoffrey Baker

  2. Wonderful photos! Thanks so much. I have the whole set of camera and lenses on order, and am looking forward to traveling with this camera.
    Question: How accurate is the auto-focus? I'm not concerned with speed, just don't like to miss focus.

  3. hallo
    thanks for your shots and report
    could you say something to the autofocus speed and safe?
    another thing - high ISO would intrest me :-)
    good day and thanks again

  4. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Thanks - good photos and info

  5. wow, im im quite impressed! i wonder if i should sell my dslr stuff to buy the x-pro1. what do you think about that idea?

  6. Thanks for the article! Those eyelashes are sharp!

  7. WOW. The resolution is fantastic. The bokeh is gorgeous. The X100 is the only camera I have where I rarely do anything to the files because the color is so good. This looks even better. I have the camera and three lenses on pre-order. CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Please be sure and tell the good folks at Fuji that they have one happy customer with me. I have the X100 and X10 also. I'm taking a two car trip with my dogs starting March 12. Do you think the camera with ship in the US before then? Thanks so much!!!!!

  8. Thanks for these early shots Brandon.

    Which off camera flash cord works with the X-Pro1 (X100) and the EF-20? I heard a Canon one will fit?

    Thanks again

  9. Thank you for posting these photo's! I'm sold on the image quality. Can you please make some test and comments on the manual focus capabilities?

  10. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Thank you for the photos. Oh and this has nothing to do with the camera, but great shots! Back to the camera... I have to agree the resolution is fantastic. The ISO performance is impressive, granted your shooting JPEG so the camera is probably cleaning up a bit too, but wow. Looking forward to my copy!

  11. Thank you for answering my question and posting the portrait shots. Man this is my dream camera. I'm a pro and it will sit alongside my Nikons. I plan to use it for both street and in the studio with a Pocket Wizard sitting on top. I'm loving the ability to shoot 1:1.

  12. Thanks for the photos, have you done any post processing to the jpegs or are they straight out of the camera?

  13. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Thank you very,very much Brendon! Keep working.

  14. Herve8:12 AM

    Thanks for your posts related to the X-pro 1! You said you were to compare the 5dII 28mm f1.8 to tje x-pro1 27mm f2. Do you already have the 27mm f2 lens for the x-pro 1?!? Also, when conparing with the Leica, it is more fair to conpare the 35mm f1.4 to the 50mm summicron rather rhan the summilux since 35mm f1.4 on 1.5 crop will behave almost like a 50mm f2 in full frame in term of depth of field capabilities.

  15. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Amazing resolution from these shots, very impressive. From my iPhone I zoomed in on the crop baby's eye picture to maximum zoom and actualy could see your reflection in the eyeball. Amazing.

  16. Saw one of your Youtube videos and just checked out your blog. Nicely done. Those XPro 1 shots look good, especially the architecture shots.

  17. Everything is tack sharp here. The skin tones are great.

    I contacted Novoflex about other adapters and the response was positive. So Fuji will make an M adapter. Let's hope that an R and Contax adapter is on the way, although the Fuji lenses are predictably remarkable.

  18. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Why the tripod mount is offset from lens axis and so close to the battery compartment?

    It's a PRO(!) camera, isn't it?

    1. Because they wanted to get you upset.

  19. Your photos are beautiful :)

  20. Hi there,

    This look like a very sweet little camera.
    Now I just wonder how long it will take for it to be available in Australia? ....

    Have a good day.

  21. Does the sensor have any of the problems the X10-sensor has? There's this orbs-issue... Fuji seems to be failing to deal with it and that's not very good for their image. Lots of disappointed people don't want anything to do with Fuji anymore (check out Can you take some more nightshots and shots of reflections in the water to show the Xpro doesn't have the same problem? I own the X10 and are very sattisfied with it by the way. The orbs don't really bother me untill now. Still thinking of replacing my DSLR with an Xpro

  22. We liked very much your article Brandon! Want to add your X-Pro 1 review to
    GearBundles? It should be easy, but I'm just getting started and there
    might be bugs! You can find instructions on our X-Pro 1 page:
    (look under "Blog Posts" near the bottom)

    Want to try it? Happy to help if you get stuck. It's early days for
    GearBundles, so feedback is definitely welcome.

  23. Anonymous12:53 PM

    You are rocking' with this camera! It looks very impressive. Fuji can be proud. Looking forward to more.

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