Friday, June 15, 2012

Fujifilm X100 with WCL-X100 28mm Adapter Lens

I am really enjoying the new 28mm adapter lens for the X100.  Yesterday I stopped by Mt. Zion cemetery off the LIE to try out the new performance of my X100.  Mt. Zion has over 200,000 people buried there.
Here are a few images.  Every image shows edge to edge sharpness and no apparent change in performance of the camera that I can tell in any facet with the WCL-X100 attached.


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  1. Brandon, the wide conversion lens looks great. The results here and in your other post are very nice, and I have often wished that the X100 was 28mm eq.

    You said that one of the images in this post was tweaked with Nik Software - I was particularly admiring the colours and look of the images. Was that all of the images here, or only that one, and which Nik software did you use?

  2. The first image here has the caption stating it was tweaked with NIK. I have Color Efex Pro. The other post with the sunsets, boy, and partying were all pretty much as shot. I use Aperture for all my organization and editing. None of the images are processed in CS. As another note - I usually shoot all RAW. With the X100 that's been my choice. With the X-Pro1 I've been shooting jpegs so far, but will switch once the Aperture processor for RAW is included.


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