Saturday, June 02, 2012

Weekly Email - 6-2-12 - Flower Time

Fujifilm X-Pro1 with 35mm Lens
I love the colors in nature.   This week I picked out a few images which have some unique color and points to them. 
The tiny purple flowers have a unique prickly stem and we all know how the cactus grows.  But I thought it was amazing to see how the cactus transitions its points from green to red as a warning to stay back!   These plants were shot in the NY Botanical Gardens with the FinePix F750 and X-Pro1.  Have a great weekend.

 This series shows several ways to approach a flower shot with a simple point n shoot camera.  I used the FinePix F750 and changed exposure as well as flash use.


Responding to a comment on August 6th I took a screenshot of many of my F750 images from the trip to the NY Botanical Gardens.  You can see the metadata on the upper left.  All with Fujifilm FinePix F750EXR.  Click to enlarge....



  1. Did you really use an f750? O.O

  2. Absolutely I did use the F750!

  3. I got an f750 from a week but my pictures are as not as good as yours! What can I do? Maybe you're just too good for me, but maybe you can help me with my pictures! The bokeh on your pictures is awesome! Did you use the effect of the camera or just the f/3.5? Because to me it seems like the "bokeh effect" of the camera is not that good...anyway thanks for your attention!! :D

  4. I think you are looking at the first 2 shots - they are with the X-Pro1 - so yes much much better bokeh and sharpness. The purple flowers close up is with them as well with the prickly spines.

  5. Ok thank you, but what do you think about the f750? Is a good super zoom camera? I wish you will make more picture with it! So I will see what it is able to do :) However in the pictures 51-52-83-84 bokeh is pretty good too, don't you agree?


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