Friday, June 29, 2012

Sunset from Photo Ville, Brooklyn USA

Fujifilm X-Pro1 - 27mm ISO 640 - F/2.0 @ 1/20th

 Last night as I walked along the shore of the East River I happened upon this scene.
The sun had set and it was almost 9pm.  There was light from the park casting the green glow on the rocks and city was lit from behind.

It was also interesting for me to notice that the WTC is lit up in red, white and blue in thirds.  I can't see that in the city since only the top is visible. 
All images are shot with the X-Pro1 and 18mm lens at ISO's ranging from 320-1250.

Photo Ville is a really neat installation over in Brooklyn.
An amazing gathering of shipping containers arranged into a "village" and then holding displays for many vendors.  It's really a neat place located at Pier 3 under the BQE. 
Here are some images from my visit over there.

Lomography always impresses me with their displays!

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