Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly Email - 6-15-12 - What Do They Shoot Now?

This week I take a look at the massive transformation of people using cameras to shoot photos to using camera-phones to shoot images. 
We are familiar with the ease of use of our smartphones for taking a quick on the go photo and in this series you can see a few different moments.

I can imagine the look of the girls lying down on the fountain and how fast they are posting it to the web.  The other couple had just kissed and shot their image as you can see between them.  And lastly a woman takes some snaps around the fountain.

I remain a big fan of photography with my cameras due to their flexibility and capabilities but certainly any capture device makes it fun to share all of the times of our lives.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 ISO 200 with 35mm Lens F1.4 @ 1/30th (approx)

This image is a grab shot from the High Line with my 5DIII - ISO 200 F/11 @ 1/200th

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